The www.wafirearmsreport.org website will be decommissioned on March 31, 2024. FFLs can contact WASPC staff should you need to access previously reported denial information. 

Preventing Suicide Among Veterans and Military Members

The Washington state legislature passed SHB 1181 into law in the 2022 legislative session, reauthorizing the state's Safer Homes Task Force on suicide prevention through lethal means safety.  As part of the effort to raise funds to support this work and raise awareness of the suicide risks associated with unsecured medications and firearms, a fund has been created to pay for free suicide prevention education and locking equipment that will be distributed by the Safer Homes program in partnership with your Washington Department of Veterans Affairs.

Donations for this fund are to be solicited at point of sale for firearm transfers through federally licensed firearms dealers and at the point of sale for concealed pistol license issuance and renewals. Suicide is a serious risk that has disproportionately impacted the firearms owning community as well as our friends in law enforcement and first responder professions, members and veterans of the armed services, and rural residents of our state.

Employees at FFLs are encouraged to solicit donations at the point of sale for firearms. For more information, see www.saferhomescoalition.org or email Brett Bass ([email protected]) and/or Codie Garza ([email protected]), the Safer Homes Task Force co-chairs.

SECURE Automated Firearms E-Check (SAFE) System

In 2020, the Washington State Legislature enacted ESSHB 2467, establishing a centralized single point of contact background check system for firearms transfers. The bill also established the "Background Check Advisory Board."

The Secure Automated Firearms E-Check (SAFE) System is now established and fully operational. All Washington State Firearm Dealers must begin using SAFE for firearm background checks, no later than February 1, 2024. 

Visit Firearms Background Division - WSP (wa.gov) for additional information. 

Questions should be directed to Washington State Patrol Firearms Background Division.
Office: (360) 704-7840 |
[email protected]